Reflection Works!


I am feeling chained no more! The Church Guy can only ever be a friend. All this navel-gazing, counselling (Christian or otherwise), reading and thinking has helped tremendously. If I had not done all this I could have ended up as one of those women who hangs on to the hope of getting love from someone, who is lovely but can not love me in the way I need to be loved. That’s not attractive at any age but definitely not at this time of life.


Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam – And So Does the Pastor


On my way back from visiting family I popped into see new friend, JLS. She is a great person to talk to about my ‘journey’. She has been a Christian for a long time but moved away from the church as a young woman for a while but came back. She’s encouraging without pressurising, which is what I need. Any pressure has, in the past, put me off. Now, I am able to tackle it or just deflect it. As JLS agreed, it has to come from me, from within, my willingness to engage with God. It can not be rushed.

One of the pastors at church, Pastor E, the senior pastor, always gives me a huge bear hug when he sees me at a church service. This always gives me a giggle ‘cos I know he is bursting to say, “Jesus wants you for a sunbeam,” or words to that effect. I like him, though, and it’s nice that my presence delights him.

Bear Hug

Bear Hug (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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