The Single Option

Ann Widdecombe Gives One Year On Lecture in Bath

Ann Widdecombe Gives One Year On Lecture in Bath (Photo credit: Catholic Church (England and Wales))

I only caught the tail end of a  conversation about singleness last night at Life Group but I have been thinking about this issue a lot today.

Being single makes one much more ‘a citizen of the world’. I mean by that that we are more engaged with the world, we look outward as well as inward, we seek to make connections. We are fluid! ¬†When someone becomes part of a couple they begin to turn inwards, somehow, forming their own little world. I am not saying that is wrong, it is just an observation.

I was impressed by something Ann Widdecombe said. (I am not prone to supporting her in other way!) In her 30s she wanted to be part of a couple again, in her 40s she was okay being single but now she actively relishes her singleness and would defend it to the death! If I never meet A.N. Other I would like to be like that!


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