It’s St Stephen’s Day not Boxing Day!

English: The stoning of St. Stephen (1863) by ...

English: The stoning of St. Stephen (1863) by Gabriel-Jules Thomas (1824–1905). Lunette of the main gate of the church Saint-Etienne du Mont (“St. Stephen in the Mount”), Paris, with a stuck red ball. 

I went to a St Stephen’s school. For me this is the saint’s day not about boxing up my chattels! St Stephen’s church was where, as a child, I did lots of readings on every holy occasion. It is a beautiful church and I have not been in it for years.

I did go to Midnight Mass at my local church in my hometown (St Matthew’s) on Christmas Eve. It was beautiful though very different from My Church. This was all incense-swinging, chanting and formality. The vicar at this high Anglican church is almost a caricature of a jolly vicar. He did a great, humorous rant against Kirstie Allsopp and Sarah Beeny, posh TV home decor mavens, who tell us how to live.

Hope you all had a great Christmas.