Faced a Dilemma


I did not enjoy Life Group last week. Yes, it was a shock to me too! The reason is simple: the church I am in is more fundamental in its beliefs than I am. I don’t mind people’s differing beliefs but sometimes it seems like some church members are not living in the real world.

Because I have not grown up as a Christian I have seen and experienced things that they may not have done. I am not saying that makes me better than them – no, but maybe I have a more rounded view of life in some ways.

It made me rethink moving to the town where my church is based. I am still keen – it’s a neat little town surrounded by beautiful countryside – but I need to keep an open mind and continue to get to know the other places on my list and keep my options open.

I did think about going to St Egremont’s (not its real name, of course.) This is a more liberal church, with around 600 members, and one of the divorce group ladies has been going there for 22 years, She is a bit of a hippy type like me and I like her a lot.

I also talked it over with two of my church friends, who are UK-based missionaries. They were helpful. They agreed that they were fundamental but are sympathetic to my concerns. They suggested I talk to one of the pastors so Pastor 2, the youngest pastor, has willingly agreed to be there for me.

I have decided to stick with my church as my ‘base’. The people are great, it is a thriving church, I like going to this other town, and I do broadly agree with much of what they believe – but not all


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of it. Meanwhile, I will check out St Egremont’s at some point, and possibly the branch of ‘my church’ that is in my city too.

My ex suggested the Quakers. I said, “no.” Nothing against them but I think they are quite a middle class bunch in my city. I want a church that is thriving, with Life Groups and all sorts of projects. My life is quite a secluded one as it is so more of that would be counterproductive.

Lay Preachers Should Be Valued Too

The Great Day of His Wrath

The Great Day of His Wrath (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The speaker at church tonight was a lay person who is involved in sport and The Gospel. This guy is a hero of one of my male church friends. He did well, talking on Paul’s letter to Timothy.

I took my King James Bible with me. It’s illustrated with the most glorious art and that inspires me. Everything from John Martin to Graham Sutherland.

I was sad that not as many people were there tonight whereas it was packed out last week for Pastor 3. I am glad I went as it is important that the congregation shows support for the non-professional speakers as well as our regular pastors.


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Smart Friends

The title: "God the Almighty". The o...

 “God the Almighty”. The open book with text from Gospel of Matthew. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Friendship needs wisdom. Smart friends know when to talk, when to laugh, when to weep, when to shut up and when to kick you in the rear.”

– My Pastor.

I reckon My Pastor should put all these words of wisdom he shares on Facebook into a little book – maybe along with those by some of his friends like Matthew Burt of the “I’m gonna get on my knees and fight like a man” quote – and sell them to raise funds for the church.

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Firing Up My Faith

English: Delirious? in concert at the HMV Pict...

English: Delirious? in concert at the HMV Picture House in Edinburgh (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Another great night at church. I never thought I’d be as fired up about going to church as I used to be about going to gigs!

Plenty to think on. As we were singing I was aware, partly through doing this blog and those who follow it, of all the Christian people across the country (and the world) coming together to pray and sing and worship at 6.30pm (UK time) – when most UK services seem to take place. A powerful, uplifting feeling.

The pastor spoke about repentance this evening – a subject I have just blogged on.

I received my copy of World Service by Delirious? yesterday. My Christian mentor had lent me the original copy and I had had to return it – along with the Touched By an Angel DVD set and various other resources. I absolutely flippin’ love this album. I love its sheer musicality combined with the uplifting, expansive music and lyrics totally do it for me.

Pastor 3 has commented on his blog about “Jesus as boyfriend” devotional songs. I guess that idea ties in with luscious pictures/paintings of Jesus that render him as some sort rock star or romantic love object. And I suppose my number one song of the moment – ‘Inside Outside‘ – is a little on those lines in that it can read as a love song for a person or ‘Love Song for a Saviour’, as Jars of Clay would have it. But I simply adore it. In fact, I am listening to it now, like the repetitious lunatic I am…

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