Unchained Melody as House Sale in Jeopardy

Faith House, Tufton Street, Westminster

Faith House, Tufton Street, Westminster (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The chain for my house sale and flat purchase is in a state of semi-collapse. Solicitor’s secretary has tried to calm me down! Situation: My buyers’ buyers withdrew their offer. (My buyer can’t purchase my house until he’s sold his.)

Fortunately, he already has another 4 viewings at least on his house this week (complicated, huh?) and the chain could be reinstated.

I feel permanently thwarted in my efforts to move on from the marital home. First my dad died, then I had major health probs, then surgery, which took months to recover from, then all the work involved to get the house ‘sale ready’. All this while coping with an as yet incurable chronic illness.

I genuinely feel like some malevolent force is keeping me prisoner in this house. It’s pathetic. And if any soul tells me “it’s all in God’s plan” and that “he has wonderful things in store for me” I shall either commit hari kari or scream. Loudly.

I am tempted to think that faith is a load of bunkum. But then I meet people for whom faith is a real, solid entity. Are they just deluded? I don’t know. My faith is shaky.

Getting Chained No More

English: The lions were chained, but he saw no...

English: The lions were chained, but he saw not the chains (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


We have had two sessions of this  Chained No More course at my church. It’s going well. I have not told my story in full – well, no-one has; that would be too much for anyone to take and we have a limited amount of time.




Speaking of which, I am at my mother’s house at the moment. I’m not sure why parents faff (fuss) over you to what seems like an infinitesimal degree when you are middle-aged yet seem oblivious when you are a child.  Maybe it’s because as they near death they worry how you will manage when they are gone. Or maybe they just read the Daily Express* newspaper too much!Maybe when you are a child and they are younger, in their prime, they feel invincible themselves, thus don’t feel the need to worry about you, the child. Or maybe they are like children themselves. Bafffled.




*The Daily Express is a highly right-wing newspaper, sort of between a tabloid and a broadsheet, read mostly by the elderly, and which favours doom-and-gloom headlines about killer rain/hail/snow/sun and reports on dementia. I am not a fan.




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