Silence – Psalm 77



Think: remembering the main points

Silence: Psalm 77

· Reality of silence: 1-9

· Responding to silence: 10-20

Talk: questions that stimulate application

1. Have you ever been in a season when ‘heaven seemed silent?

2. Do you identify with some of the things Asaph writes?

3. What are some of the difficult questions we wrestle with, as Christians?

4. Are there any things we should not do – when heaven seems silent?

5. Is there anything we can learn from Biblical characters who ‘wrestled with God’?

6. How can we cultivate a greater honesty in our prayer lives?

7. Are there healthy practices/disciplines that could build -up our spiritual resilience?

Task: actions speak louder than words

· How would you engage with a non-believer’s challenge that ‘God is distant and doesn’t care about us and our suffering’?

· Can you think of some 3-4 practical ways we can support…

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