pexels-photo-574311.jpegThought it was time for an update.

I am now going to a Church of England church, the main church for the town where I now live by the sea.  It’s a beautiful place in beautiful surroundings.  I like the vicar and I have been made to feel welcome.  This church is very, very different from the Free Methodist church that I attended for five years.  I still feel attached to the Free Methodist church and I still feel that I am part of it even though I attend very rarely.

At my new church they have this thing called Third Sunday Worship which is an alternative style of service.  It only lasts an hour and it forms a discussion based around a DVD.  We have been watching a lot of Rob Bell, who I really like.  We also do different types of prayers and sometimes we have a bit of a sing.  This all takes place in this beautiful Victorian church.

I have occasionally been to evensong, which I find very formal, but I do like the music.  The choir master there is someone I have known since 1998.  We both suffer the same illness and this is a bond.

I also attended the church’s Lent course.  I only made three out of five of the sessions but I really loved it.  This took place in the rectory which is the most beautiful building.

On top of this, I have been attending meditation at the Buddhist centre in a nearby city.  I’m doing this for my health, not because I am a Buddhist.  With my health being as it is I’m very lucky that I get a lift there from a friend who is a director at the Buddhist centre.  If they did meditation at a Christian church as I would attend that – but they don’t.  I find meditation amazing and I am practising a home or at least twice a day.

The journey continues.