pexels-photo-574311.jpegThought it was time for an update.

I am now going to a Church of England church, the main church for the town where I now live by the sea.  It’s a beautiful place in beautiful surroundings.  I like the vicar and I have been made to feel welcome.  This church is very, very different from the Free Methodist church that I attended for five years.  I still feel attached to the Free Methodist church and I still feel that I am part of it even though I attend very rarely.

At my new church they have this thing called Third Sunday Worship which is an alternative style of service.  It only lasts an hour and it forms a discussion based around a DVD.  We have been watching a lot of Rob Bell, who I really like.  We also do different types of prayers and sometimes we have a bit of a sing.  This all takes place in this beautiful Victorian church.

I have occasionally been to evensong, which I find very formal, but I do like the music.  The choir master there is someone I have known since 1998.  We both suffer the same illness and this is a bond.

I also attended the church’s Lent course.  I only made three out of five of the sessions but I really loved it.  This took place in the rectory which is the most beautiful building.

On top of this, I have been attending meditation at the Buddhist centre in a nearby city.  I’m doing this for my health, not because I am a Buddhist.  With my health being as it is I’m very lucky that I get a lift there from a friend who is a director at the Buddhist centre.  If they did meditation at a Christian church as I would attend that – but they don’t.  I find meditation amazing and I am practising a home or at least twice a day.

The journey continues.


From Heartache to Herald



Think: remembering the main points

· From Heartache to Herald: John 20:11-18

· Jesus seeks her + sees her pain + speaks to her + sends her

Talk: questions that stimulate application

1. What impacted you from this passage?

2. Why is the resurrection so important for the Christian faith?

3. In what ways can you identify with Mary Magdalene?

4. Can you think of other examples in which Jesus reached out to ordinary people?

5. What amazes you in Jesus’ encounter with Mary?

6. If Jesus was so great at noticing others’ pain – how can he use us to reach out to them?

7. Can you remember how you encountered Christ for the first time? Tell us about it.

8. How does Mary’s worshipful reaction inspire your own worship of the Resurrected Jesus?

Task: actions speak louder than words

· Think of 4 practical outcomes of how this…

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