Wake-up Call


Still doing this…


Think: remembering the main points

· Wake-Up Call: Revelation 3:1-6: Rebuke & Remedy

Talk: questions that stimulate application

1. Have you ever visited a famous tourist or historical location or seen a much-lauded movie or read a much-praised book and was disappointed? Talk about what you felt?

2. Sardis, as a city was characterised by historically underestimating their enemies and lacking vigilance – how do you think that influenced their church?

3. What do you think are potential negative social/political traits of where we live – that could influence our mind-sets as disciples?

4. What was the problem in the Sardis church and what could that look like in CFM today?

5. How do you think they got to the stage of being nearly dead? What mistakes did they do? What good things did they not do?

6. What was Jesus solution for the revival of this church? Which of…

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