Costly Compromise



Think: remembering the main points

· Costly Compromise: Revelation 2:18-29

· Well Done & Wake up

Talk: questions that stimulate application

1. Has anyone paid you a compliment recently – how did it make you feel?

2. What has encouraged you at CFM since you have been here?

3. Why was Jesus so critical of the church at Thyatira?

4. Why was Jezebel (1 Kings 16: 31-33; 2 Kings 9:22) such a dangerous woman for the Israelites?

5. In what ways can a Jezebel spirit manifest itself in the church today?

6. What can hinder our repentance when we sin – and how can we overcome those hindrances?

7. Why is the final vision of the returning Jesus important for the church in Thyatira and CFM?

Task: actions speak louder than words

Talk together and identify several marks of healthy Biblical teaching and then pray together that those marks would…

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Toxic Theology


Please lifegroup notes on really keeping me going at a time when I cannot get to my Church of preference. I have been going to a Church of England hearing in new town I am living in. Tell a certain aspects about C of E I really like some I find difficult.


Think: remembering the main points

· Toxic Theology | Revelation 2:12-17

· Praise for Resilience: 12-13

· Cause for Rebuke: 14-15

· Call to Repentance: 16

· Promise of Reward: 17

Talk: questions that stimulate application

1. Have you ever been conned – talk about your experience?

2. Why is theology (thinking about God) so important for our lifestyle?

3. Can you think of any Biblical examples of bad theology that led to bad decisions? (i.e. Adam & Eve, David, Samson, Judas)

4. What are the differences regarding sexuality where Bible-believing Christians could be at odds with our culture?

5. What are some heresies (false teaching) that can affect our sexual ethics?

6. How can we test if some teaching is Biblically accurate or heretical? Think of some tests you can apply.

7. Look at the story of the prodigal son (Luke 15:11-32) and explain what repentance should look like…

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Resilient Faithfulness



Think: remembering the main points
• Resilient Faithfulness: Revelation 2:8-11
• Life Hurts: 8-9 & Stay Strong: 10-11

Talk: questions that stimulate application
1. What has been the most difficult thing about following Jesus in your life?
2. How does Smyrna compare to our context today?
3. How did the early believers respond to persecution (Acts 4:3-22, 5:17-42 & 6:8-15)?
4. What forms can modern-day persecution take in our context?
5. What would be wrong ways to respond to persecution as a follower of Jesus?
6. Is there an antidote to discouragement and despair in this letter – identify 5 things from it!
7. In what ways does your perspective need to change in order to ‘run the race’ with resilience and not give up?

Task: actions speak louder than words
• Chose one person from your group (put names in a hat) and commit to be their encourager. Talk…

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