Best Supporting Act



Think: remembering the main points

  • Best Supporting Act: John 1:6-23
  • Explain context & Read passage
  • John’s obedience in ministry
  • Jesus’ obedience in baptism

 Talk: questions that stimulate application

  1. Have you ever taken part in a daring challenge – how was that?
  2. What is the most difficult thing that God has asked you to do?
  3. Why was John the Baptist able to humble himself?
  4. Is there a link here between humility and obedience? In what way?
  5. Thinking of the Fall (Genesis 3) – why is obedience such a challenge to us?
  6. In what areas of your life do you struggle to obey God?
  7. Can you think of Biblical examples of obedience that can inspire you?
  8. What does obedience look like in your workplace? In your family life?

 Task: actions speak louder than words

  • Personal exercise – take time to think individually about this: Are there issues of disobedience that…

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