The Heart of Christmas


Some great questions.


Think: main points to get across
• Title | theme: The heart of Christmas
• Read Philippians 2:5-8
• Read from The Message also
• Paul encourages them about humility
• Jesus is at the heart of Christmas
• Jesus ‘moves in’
• Jesus paid the price

Talk: questions for discussion

• Do you love or dislike the Christmas festivities?
• What do people around you think Christmas is all about?
• Is it possible for Christians to be distracted from the real meaning of Christmas? How?
• How does Jesus’s humanity comfort you?
• In which ways was Jesus’ incarnation a huge sacrifice for Him?
• What are the sacrifices we need to make to reach others with His love?
• In what ways does Jesus’ coming affect your spiritual growth?

Task: actions & prayers
• Think together of 5 practical ways you can make Christ central to your…

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