Selfies, self and social media


Pertinent post about social media and selfies. A very good friend thought my horrendous muscle relapse was over ‘cos I posted up pics of my lovely friend, H and me on the beach. This is just a snapshot of a few moments! Yes, I was relaxed and happy here but it’s not the whole story. As we know, Facebook pics often show just the ‘Kodak moments’. It’s messed up! I long to write the truth… cried last night due to pain and frustration; bored out of my brains today as couldn’t get out… Felt very fearful about the day my mum won’t be around any more… but it’s just not done!


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We live in a self obsessed and over exposed culture. Social media has created a framework to support our current insatiable desire for showing off. How did the previous generations use photographs before and how we do nowadays? I always thought that they immortalised precious memories to be shared with a very close circle of intimate relatives.

Now we parade and are under an avalanche of too many pictures that are either painfully trivial or almost inappropriately public. I wonder why? Insecurity? Comparison? Thoughtlessness? I guess most people are just carried by the popular wave….

The incessant social media addiction (and the secret of the owners’ financial success) that most users struggle with, is fuelled by pride dressed as either curiosity or attention seeking insecurity. You can only tell how bad you suffer as a social media user if you try to break free. This is a very revealing battle…

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