Not Celebrating Recovery


DSCF2594As the relapse in my health – long-term condition –  from hell continues I have dropped all regular commitments, including Celebrate Recovery at church in nearby city.

Not even sure I am going to go back to it. Not making any plans at all like that. Researching how to recover from this relapse a lot and thinking I may just stick to following my church’s sermons online while I recover.

CR is great but there are a lot of platitudes uttered from the manual. It is also a very tiring evening, especially if there are only two of you in the small sharing group. I will carry on doing my moral and spiritual inventory though. That’s useful.

2 thoughts on “Not Celebrating Recovery

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your relapse. IDK if you are interested in advice but the best thing that helps me whenever I fall is knowing that all it takes is asking and I am forgiven. Once you’ve asked for forgiveness seek God you have to let what ever it is go and move forward with God. Satin traps us by weighing us down with our own guilt over the very thing that he tempted us to do in the first place. God Just wants you to ask for forgiveness and acknowledge your sin. God doesn’t want your guilt to eat at you. So let go and let God heal you. falling is a part of the journey.

    • Thanks for your support. Actually, it is a relapse in health rather than anything to do with addiction but I guess I did gert trapped into thinking I was okay health-wise and overdid it. Hence, relapse or flare. Thanks for following!

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