Deja Vu



Think: remembering the main points
• Déjà vu – 1 Samuel 26
• Don’t take moral shortcuts: 7-11
• Don’t treat people as God: 12-16

Talk: questions that stimulate application
• Although it goes against the saying – what words have ‘broken your bones’?
• What are the available options of dealing with criticism and conflict?
• Can you think of possible moral shortcuts as revenge to those who hurt us?
• Does not executing revenge mean that we should become silent victims?
• Why did David react as he did – vertical & horizontal factors?
• How can Jesus’ reactions inspire & empower me too?

Task: actions speak louder than words
• Read together (discussion leaders – you might want to print this out beforehand) Colossians 3:12-15 and discuss how you can apply this in your own small group context.
• Take some time to read quietly and individually…

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