Let Go and Let God


Think: remembering the main points
• Let Go and Let God
• Let God decide your future: 23:1-13: dealing with direction
• Let God fight your battles: 24:1-22: dealing with rejection

Talk: questions that stimulate application
• What have been some of the most difficult decisions you had to make in life?
• How do you go about, in making decisions?
• Can you think of Biblical examples of people making decisions with/without God?
• Why is it smart to let God guide us?
• They say ‘revenge is sweet’ – why is it so tempting to do so?
• As you look at Jesus, can you see His own surrender to God’s sovereignty?

Task: actions speak louder than words
• If you were to explain the concept of God’s sovereignty to either a child or someone who isn’t a Christ-follower, using your own life, how would you do it?

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