Let Go and Let God



Think: remembering the main points
• Let Go and Let God
• Let God decide your future: 23:1-13: dealing with direction
• Let God fight your battles: 24:1-22: dealing with rejection

Talk: questions that stimulate application
• What have been some of the most difficult decisions you had to make in life?
• How do you go about, in making decisions?
• Can you think of Biblical examples of people making decisions with/without God?
• Why is it smart to let God guide us?
• They say ‘revenge is sweet’ – why is it so tempting to do so?
• As you look at Jesus, can you see His own surrender to God’s sovereignty?

Task: actions speak louder than words
• If you were to explain the concept of God’s sovereignty to either a child or someone who isn’t a Christ-follower, using your own life, how would you do it?

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A Man Needs to Drive (And Needs ‘Drive’ Too!)



Call me sexist but I believe that any man wanting to woo a woman needs to be able to drive. Not necessarily be a car owner – but he needs to be ABLE to drive.

Platonic Male Friend (PMF) does not drive. He doesn’t have the confidence to learn to drive. I do find this difficult. Unfair because with my chronic illness there are tons of things that I can’t do! But thinking about the right sort of man for me… he’s got to be a driver. I would find it hard to compromise on this.


  • He can take the strain when I am too tired. (This is something most women would appreciate, not just poorly ones).
  • holidays are better when you share the driving.
  • a man can drop by to see you if he drives. The PMF lives nearly 20 miles away and his last bus goes at 6.30pm. A taxi back to his home from the city is £20. Or you have to make a full evening of it. I don’t always want that or I may not be well enough for a long evening.
  • A man who drives well makes you feel cherished and safe. I always notice how a man drives. Ex did not make me feel super-safe but he was great at driving long distances.
  • Being able to drive is a sign of self-confidence. A man who does not have the confidence to learn has low self-esteem. (This is different from the man who chooses not to drive for environmental anti-consumerism reasons.)
  • It’s sexy. I like men who can do practical things well.

A non-Christian friend, T, a man, said the other day: “Any man hoping to get with a woman these days – he has to be able to drive. It’s a given.”

J, a Christian woman friend said, “He doesn’t drive?! Oh, no. I couldn’t do with that!” All my male Christian friends drive as far as I know.

I am sure there are lots of hale and hearty women out there who aren’t bothered. A man with a bicycle or stout pair of shoes is fine by them. I’m not one of these women! Maybe my illness has made me that way. I don’t think it’s just that though.





Why I’m Voting ‘Remain’



The entire debate about whether or not the UK should remain in the European Union has become a negative, mud-slinging match with so many contradictory and baffling statistics being thrown about by both sides that it is hard to determine whose truth is more true!

I am sure few people will particularly care what I think, but here are my positive thoughts about why I want the UK to remain in the EU, with all its faults, and why I hope that the 18-44 age group, in particular, will bother to vote.

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