Saul’s Self-destruction


Questions about envy, which I suffer from a lot lately.

Think: remembering the main points

  • Lessons to learn from Saul & Jonathan’s very different attitudes and responses to God’s hand on David: Jonathan gave up his rights; Saul resisted and continued his downward spiral.
  • Jonathan illustrating both Christ’s approach towards us, and what our attitude should be towards Christ.
  • 3 stages of Saul’s self-destruction: Envy & jealousy; Slavery; Blasphemy.

Talk: questions that stimulate application

  • What are some of the things that can provoke envy?
  • How can envy be destructive – in relationships / in society / in how we relate to God?
  • In what ways might the Holy Spirit reveal symptoms of ‘foundational slavery’ (when a wrong priority drives us) – and how should we respond?
  • How does Jesus relate to us – and how does this contrast with envy?

Task: actions speak louder than words

  • Spend time praising Jesus together for the way that He relates to us
  • You…

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