Saul’s Self-destruction


Questions about envy, which I suffer from a lot lately.


Think: remembering the main points

  • Lessons to learn from Saul & Jonathan’s very different attitudes and responses to God’s hand on David: Jonathan gave up his rights; Saul resisted and continued his downward spiral.
  • Jonathan illustrating both Christ’s approach towards us, and what our attitude should be towards Christ.
  • 3 stages of Saul’s self-destruction: Envy & jealousy; Slavery; Blasphemy.

Talk: questions that stimulate application

  • What are some of the things that can provoke envy?
  • How can envy be destructive – in relationships / in society / in how we relate to God?
  • In what ways might the Holy Spirit reveal symptoms of ‘foundational slavery’ (when a wrong priority drives us) – and how should we respond?
  • How does Jesus relate to us – and how does this contrast with envy?

Task: actions speak louder than words

  • Spend time praising Jesus together for the way that He relates to us
  • You…

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My dad is not afraid to die


Mustard Seed Budget

IMG_9434 Me at the hospital.

He fell and broke his hip yesterday. He’s 88.

I was thunderstruck by his declaration today when I came to the hospital. He’s never been a gung-ho Christian. He didn’t even go to church. But he confessed to be a Christian. He said he was envious of Mom, who died quickly, suddenly of a massive heart attack. He said he was ready to go — even, he wanted to go.

Of course, I argued that such feelings were foolishness. We — my brother and I and our wives and families — don’t want him to go. But he sees no point of lingering with the body breaking down. He says he never imagined living for so long.

A year ago, he was hospitalized, and it was a wake-up call for me to neglect my professional duties some to dedicate more time to him. I started visiting…

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When God Makes You Wait


amusement-park-438419_960_720Just having that extra night at Celebrate Recovery has shortened my week which means I have less energy to do other things. CR makes for quite a long evening but it is helpful.

I’ve decided that as God is making me wait here in this town due to the ridiculous house move delays I can use the time to go to this more local church where Celebrate Recovery is. In this way the waiting becomes useful.

If I had moved to the next town 6-8 weeks ago I may not have started the course as I would have been busy settling in and trying to forge a new life for myself there.

How Hearing of A Friend’s Shortened Life Expectancy Can Galvanise Us



Hearing yesterday about a beloved friend’s terminal cancer (could be weeks, months or years – not sure yet) has made me aware that I’m spending too much time living in the past and the future and not concentrating on the now.

I’m determined to make some changes in my life, even just little ones, like not being involved with too many things on Facebook! I do the Christian business club page, update my church’s public page, then there is our prayer group, where I am the admin, and I also am admin on a client page plus have my own business page. Time to do something else I think.

There are some bigger changes I want to make too but I’m working my way through those and how I might proceed.