Wear Your Sunday Best- Really? Rethinking Sunday Fashion


Free Methodist Feminist

“Mom and Dad, why do I have to dress up on Sunday?”

“Because it’s the Lord’s Day, and we want to look our best for him.”

Religious BillboardDoes this advice ring a bell with anyone else? I heard this constantly growing up. Anytime I didn’t want to wear a frilly dress and wanted to wear jeans instead, I was told that it was the Lord’s Day. I was in elementary at the time, and the meaning didn’t really sink in. All I knew was you dressed up for church.

However, over the past couple months I’ve been re-evaluating why we choose to wear our best clothes on Sunday. As I’ve pondered Mariet Hardy Freeland’s, early Free Methodist educator and evangelist, biography, and re-read the diary of Edith Gage Tingley, daughter of Free Methodist evangelist Ida Gage, I am beginning to think our approach to Sundays is off-base.

Freeland believed simplicity was…

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