Liars, Beggars and Hangers On

One bonus of having an anonymous blog is that I have a little rant:
While I can’t really fault mine and ex’s estate agent for their sales talent and verve their ‘sales progression team’, is, in my view a heap of rubbish
It seems clear to me now that they use some sort of centralised sales progression agency. I don’t think the woman who is our ‘contact’ even knows where my town is!
She’s rude, rushed, offhand, keeps asking the same questions over and over (Who’s your solicitor? Who’s your contact at
Estate agents – many – lie through their teeth; solicitors are just weird – a law unto themselves, forgive the pun, and, while I liked my surveyor a lot, it seems that as a whole surveyors are just afeared of getting their butts sued and they state the blatantly obvious… (“there is a bay window to the front of the house”).
Just had to get that off my chest.