Some Things That Happen The First Year of Being Single in 10 Years


Made me smile.

Drinking and Diving

  1.  Your maturity level will digress.  All through out college, I was “the girl with the boyfriend.”  Of course I partied.  I wasn’t a psychopath.  I didn’t sit at home with a Zima and write “Mrs. Future Ex-Husband” five hundred times accompanied by doodles of tiny hearts.   I did always tend to go home earlier than most of my friends.  While they were in and out of relationships, I stuck with one guy for ten years.  I was the youngest of my friends to get married so I was dusting closets, baking casseroles and choppin’ broccoli while they were going to shows and hitting up the casino on a random Tuesday night.  Fast forward to becoming a new born singleton and I rebelled, hard.  I went out all the time.  I stopped cooking completely and started the healthy diet of chips, dips and Bud Light beer.  I also decided…

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