Brothers in Arms Take Time Out


I’ve become quite close again to my ex-brother-in-law. (XBIL). It’s really nice. I think it is because his mum (my former MIL) died this year and he split up with a woman this year too.

My BIL and I share a similar trajectory re our marriages. His wife left him just two months before my husband left me. We both appreciate the single life but we also talk about the things we miss, where we’re at now, and the things we hope for.

XBIL always has a lot of ladies interested in him and I’m sure it won’t be long before he is matched up again but I’m glad he is taking some time to learn what it’s like to be alone before getting involved again.

Men often don’t take that tim, fearing the aloneness too much.

Two men from my divorce group (we all joined 2011) took three years out from relationships and it seems to have really helped them. One, once recovered, went on a Christian dating site and met his now wife there while the other is in a relationship (he was the last time I spoke to him) that seems to suit him. I admire these two.