Do I Have to Marry a Christian?


I went to a Christian wedding today. Very posh, very long, lots of beauty abounding, in the heart of rural England. More on weddings later.

If I were to remarry, and I think the likelihood of this is around 4%, would I have to marry aChristian only? Most Christian writers say, “Yes”. This is explored in How to Get a Date Worth Keeping (book). Obviously, it would make life a lot easier all round if a future spouse was a Christian. It just would. You are starting off on the same page, with similar values, not to mention how much easier it it would make managing your social lives (esp when you are ill and have to parcel out your energy expenditure anyway).

But the chances of me finding someone suitable who is also a Christian are frankly very slim. I’m being realistic here. I am a) a woman b)oolder c) chronically ill d) not exactly putting myself out there.

My challenge, then, is to work out if I can be happy as a single, permanently, or if I can face the odeal of seeking a partner, in the future, or if I should ‘settle’.