When You Get Too Comfortable in Your Church Groups


I am doing a History of the Bible course at my church. I quite like it as my Bible knowledge is a little scant. It goes at a fairly breakneck speed!

I do ask questions but I also keep quiet about some things I don’t agree with or believe just cos I don’t want to dominate or be obnoxious! I already talk too much as it is!  I’ve been to two session only and I’ll see how I get on in future sessions.

I was surprised to feel slightly challenged by being with ‘new’ people from church, that is those I don’t know. And that’s a lesson – I had become comfortable with being with my ‘regular’ people.


The Quiet Evangelist

name lost in internet. Seems to be Mystic Marr...

name lost in internet. Seems to be Mystic Marriage of Christ and the Church (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I used to think evangelism was very dicey but I do have some idea of what they mean when they say it is: “reaching out to the lost for Christ.”

It sounds high falutin’ but it isn’t. I know a couple of people who really would benefit from being in a church family as they have no family of their own. I also know that people can become stuck with the issues in their lives that have held them back and following a spiritual path, okay, becoming a Christian, could really help them grow.

Have had a few opportunities lately to demonstrate how God is working in my life – not by banging on about it but by showing different behaviour in certain situations. Then people remark on it and I say, quietly, “Yes, well, I’ve done a  ot of work on myself but going to church and becoming a Christian has been a major factor.” Then I shut up.

Of course, I still make mistakes – every day every hour, probably but there is progress, on the whole, I think. I hope!