A Gal With a Plan

Plan A

Plan A (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Despite the fact that this has been a humungously rubbish day health-wise I am beginning to formulate a plan for moving forward. Some of it won’t please my church-going chums but I’ll keep my own counsel and do it anyway.

Here’s a brief gist:

  1. Have more or less decided where I want to live. And it’s not in this town.
  2. Get house in tip-top shape for potential sale down the line. How I am going to do this with little money and poor health I don’t know but I shall find a way.
  3. Get back on antidepressants if doctor agrees. Would prefer ones that don’t make me gain weight ‘cos since my op I have lost lots of weight. One of the keys has been being AD-free. It’s a tough choice. Thin  and miserable or fat and happy. Great!
  4. Get some good photos done of myself. Might ask a semi-professional I know. Failing that a camera-happy friend. This would boost my self-esteem.
  5. Keeping working on myself in all ways.
  6. Keep redefining what I want in my life.
  7. Maintain my own path – don’t be swayed by what others think or detractors if I know that it is not truly ‘me’. However, seek advice when it is called for.



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