Meet Five a Week

stitching a date with destiny

stitching a date with destiny (Photo credit: jude hill)

I have decided to do something about men after Easter. With all the extra work I am doing (good but tiring) plus the house and my continuing health probs it won’t be a massive onslaught on the male population but I shall do what I can. I am going to very slowly follow a programme set out in the book: How to Get a Date Worth Keeping. It is by far the best dating book I have read. I really like Dr Henry Cloud‘s realistic, unrigid approach to dating as a Christian. I think every Christian womanor man who is not engaging with the opposite sex but wants to should read this.

The main two initial steps to take are:
Meet Five a Week and Change Your Traffic Pattern.
Meeting five a week does not mean having five dates a week. It just means talking to five men a week, even if it is just in the supermarket. They have to be:
1. New to you
2. Have enough of an interaction with you to want to go out with you
3. Have some info about you to get in touch with you if they desire.
The idea is not to get dates but to open yourself up to men and change your energy. As I can’t get out for many hours a day I might have to modify this to Meet Two or Three a Week but it is at least a start.
Change Your Traffic Pattern is self-explanatory. It just means trying a few new routes/activities etc.
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