Dating Gurus Provide Self-Esteem Building

Cover of "How to Get a Date Worth Keeping...

Cover of How to Get a Date Worth Keeping

Although I am not really in a position to pursue the dating life with vigour – other things must take priority for now – I am very impressed with respected Christian author/speaker, Dr Henry Cloud‘s book How to Get a Date Worth Keeping. It is terrific, full of practical advice and encourages you to look within to discover your stumbling blocks, what factors may be causing you to be stuck in your dating life.

These self-help gurus say that dating tests you in a way that other things do not: it forces you to face up to your fears and, if you want to reach lasting happiness, to become the best person YOU can be.

Last night I also listened to many YouTube videos made by Matthew Hussey who runs  I loved what he had to say and I agreed with everything he said. He is not a Christian guru, as far as I know, but much of what he said tallies with Cloud’s advice.

Good stuff.


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