The Kindness… Yet Right Wing!


I have friends who, politically speaking go from very left wing to pretty much hard right. I am left wing (though more to the centre on some issues). 

What I find baffling is that some of the kindest people I have met in the church – and I am thinking of one in particular, verily a saint! – can be staunch supporters of David Cameron (shudder). It beggar’s belief! Some of these right wingers know about how I have been treated by this government recently (too personal to post here but some of my readers from real life will know). They also see that people in our district have to use food banks (the church runs a food bank) yet still they would vote Conservative tomorrow.  Struth. It makes you want to turn your face to the wall. 

How can they not see the correlation between the government’s attacks on the poorest in UK society and the reality that’s right before their eyes? I despair. 

I think there is only one thing that would drive me away from my church – and that would be the very high numbers of right wingers. Fortunately, they are not all of the same hue. There is hope!