Date! Didn’t Work Out!

A Man With No Morals ...No More Rolls

A Man With No Morals …No More Rolls (Photo credit: Lady Wulfrun)

Went on a date via Christian Connection. He approached me a week ago. I did not think I would fancy this guy, having seen his pictures, but his profile words and his emails were brilliant and I decided that maybe I find him attractive if he was a beautiful person. He’d been a real high flyer too.

Sadly, it did not work out. He was a warm, lively person and intelligent but he did do a few rum things! He’s 60 years old and has very obviously dyed hair, in that Just for Men kind of way. Black. No grey. Bad idea. He looked like how I imagine Ken Worthington, sidekick of comedian John Shuttleworth, would look. He was also very short. Now I am a sucker for little guys but not this one.

He asked virtually no questions of me. He told me we weren’t a match. (No surprise there). And then he asked me to split the bill!!! For coffee and cake! This is a big no-no in the Christian world! The man is expected to be chivalrous. And he is very comfortably off (I am not). Then he told me I was nicer looking in real life than in my profile pics as in one I look “a little hard”! Thanks, man!

It was pretty dispiriting really but fortunately I can laugh about it now. I guess I’m not wondering. I doubt I shall find love online. It’s not the best place when you have a chronic illness cos people do judge you on that info whereas in real life they get to know you in a rounded way…

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