A Tricky Balancing Act


After around 1 1/2 years of avoiding gigs I have been to two recently. It felt very strange to be out in a music venue after such a long break.

The break has come about due to: health-related issues, my step-father‘s death and other personal stuff. During this time I haven’t wanted to do anything socially outside of my church. My church is full of lively people, as you know, dear reader,  and there is a great deal of laughter there and I have met some of the best people there that I’ve ever known. But the church is not in my town and my friends who go there live up to 10 – 20 miles away.

It was through talking to my friend, G, that through concentrating on my church life I’ve begun to feel socially isolated in my neighbourhood.  One day I will be moving from my current house but until I do it makes sense to not totally give up on my city. This means juggling and resting and not letting adrenaline rule my life. I need to avoid the boom and bust cycle. However, too little stimulation, too much care of the health and being sensible can lead to depression.

A tricky balance, but it needs to be tackled.