Don’t Destroy Your Marriage Before It’s Even Begun


Rose (Photo credit: kewing)

Since I have been separated and working on myself and walking with God, as they say, I have learned a great deal about how we relate to each other in couples. I’m not saying I have it sussed but hindsight is a great teacher as are self-help books, Christian books, Bible study groups and talking with your friends, Christian and non-Christian alike.

What I see a  lot of is educated couples – often not married but in LTRs, sometimes with kids too – talking badly to each other, disrespecting the other big time! I cringe. In fact, it breaks my heart – for them and for me. I can see their mistakes loud and clear because I made them too! And that’s one of the reasons I’m getting divorced. My mistakes. His mistakes. And a whole lot of mess.

OTOH, I do see couples who seem to work together beautifully. Not saying it’s a bed of roses for them but they are truly trying to do what’s right for the other rather than self.

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