The Single Option

Ann Widdecombe Gives One Year On Lecture in Bath

Ann Widdecombe Gives One Year On Lecture in Bath (Photo credit: Catholic Church (England and Wales))

I only caught the tail end of a  conversation about singleness last night at Life Group but I have been thinking about this issue a lot today.

Being single makes one much more ‘a citizen of the world’. I mean by that that we are more engaged with the world, we look outward as well as inward, we seek to make connections. We are fluid!  When someone becomes part of a couple they begin to turn inwards, somehow, forming their own little world. I am not saying that is wrong, it is just an observation.

I was impressed by something Ann Widdecombe said. (I am not prone to supporting her in other way!) In her 30s she wanted to be part of a couple again, in her 40s she was okay being single but now she actively relishes her singleness and would defend it to the death! If I never meet A.N. Other I would like to be like that!


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