All the Pretty Things


Symmetry (Photo credit: Scarygami)

The cruelty of Facebook!

Beautiful people get even more validation of their good looks on Facebook. The people involved might not know that’s what is happening but I see that when very attractive people change their profile photo they get a flurry of ‘likes’!

One contact, a former model, gets tons of likes when she changes her pic (frequently).  A young christian woman/girl I know got 55 ‘likes’ for her picture the other day! And I was one who contributed! How we flock to the beautiful. It’s natural for us to gravitate to that which is pleasing to the eye yet how sad as well, I feel, when it filters out others who may not have such symmetrical features.

My ex, no Plain Peter himself in the looks department, used to rant on about the tyranny of symmetrical faces. He had a point!


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