Serving not receiving…. a true Christmas story.


It’s no secret. Those who know me, know that one of my favourite and most inspiring Christ-follower is Francis Chan.

His story about the Robynsons is probably one of my most memorable ways to explain what Christmas is about – horizontally and relationally.

Here it is. Enjoy it and be inspired.

The Robynson Family
This family of five, with three kids under the age of ten, chooses to celebrate the birth of Christ in a unique way. On Christmas mornings, instead of focusing on the presents under the tree, they make pancakes, brew an urn of coffee, and head downtown. Once there, they load the coffee and food into the back of a red wagon. Then, with the eager help of their three-year-old, they pull the wagon around the mostly empty streets in search of homeless folks to offer a warm and filling breakfast on Christmas morning.

All three of…

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