Signed Up to Christian Connection

Flight to Romance (album)

Flight to Romance (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve put my profile up on Christian Connection. Tbh, just done it to see who is out there and to practise writing a profile… and seeing if I am ready or not. I probably won’t join up after three day free trial is over but I think you can contribute to the boards and read stuff which is a step forward. My dream is to meet someone through real life, as a friend, and to slowly get to know them and for us both to realise that, hey, we are right for each other and see how we can fit our lives together. But it’s not happened yet.

Also, as I am not out in the workplace the pool of single men I know is quite small. I know some lovely single men but they are either too far away, scared of women, not interested in me, too young or have some stuff to sort out for themselves. I meet great men in day-today life – but they are all partnered up or married.