Serving not receiving…. a true Christmas story.


It’s no secret. Those who know me, know that one of my favourite and most inspiring Christ-follower is Francis Chan.

His story about the Robynsons is probably one of my most memorable ways to explain what Christmas is about – horizontally and relationally.

Here it is. Enjoy it and be inspired.

The Robynson Family
This family of five, with three kids under the age of ten, chooses to celebrate the birth of Christ in a unique way. On Christmas mornings, instead of focusing on the presents under the tree, they make pancakes, brew an urn of coffee, and head downtown. Once there, they load the coffee and food into the back of a red wagon. Then, with the eager help of their three-year-old, they pull the wagon around the mostly empty streets in search of homeless folks to offer a warm and filling breakfast on Christmas morning.

All three of…

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It’s St Stephen’s Day not Boxing Day!

English: The stoning of St. Stephen (1863) by ...

English: The stoning of St. Stephen (1863) by Gabriel-Jules Thomas (1824–1905). Lunette of the main gate of the church Saint-Etienne du Mont (“St. Stephen in the Mount”), Paris, with a stuck red ball. 

I went to a St Stephen’s school. For me this is the saint’s day not about boxing up my chattels! St Stephen’s church was where, as a child, I did lots of readings on every holy occasion. It is a beautiful church and I have not been in it for years.

I did go to Midnight Mass at my local church in my hometown (St Matthew’s) on Christmas Eve. It was beautiful though very different from My Church. This was all incense-swinging, chanting and formality. The vicar at this high Anglican church is almost a caricature of a jolly vicar. He did a great, humorous rant against Kirstie Allsopp and Sarah Beeny, posh TV home decor mavens, who tell us how to live.

Hope you all had a great Christmas.

Mean Girls

Mean girls might go far in High School... but ...

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A situation going on at My Church that is making me feel uncomfortable. Feeling bullied and ostracised. Yeah,  even church folk can be pretty nasty sometimes. Wondering who I should talk to about it, if anyone. Probably my non-Christian friends, A and R. Will think on. Disappointing but not entirely unexpected. Where people gather in large numbers you will always get this kind of thing.


Friends List Produces Stark Conclusions


Discernment (Photo credit: Thomas Hawk)

I made two lists last night: one of people I used to see 2011/12 and those I have seen and see now in 2013. Happily there was a crossover regarding friends I hold most dear – P, A, R, G, S and others – but there was a startling revelation. Many of the friends on the early list had disappeared. Mostly this was due to me not going out on the music scene. Some of those friends don’t really meet the criteria I have developed as “quality” – i.e., those who are stable or nurturing or just… decent.  That sounds harsh. It isn’t supposed to be. I guess as we grow in discernment who we spend our time with changes.
A lot of the people on List 2 are from the church or are connected to the church in some way, maybe through the Divorce Group.  I like the people on this list even if I don’t always share some of their views. However, I do worry that my life has become TOO church-based.
I am keen to keep a balance between non-Christian friends and Christian ones. I think that’s healthy and also authentic.

Signed Up to Christian Connection

Flight to Romance (album)

Flight to Romance (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve put my profile up on Christian Connection. Tbh, just done it to see who is out there and to practise writing a profile… and seeing if I am ready or not. I probably won’t join up after three day free trial is over but I think you can contribute to the boards and read stuff which is a step forward. My dream is to meet someone through real life, as a friend, and to slowly get to know them and for us both to realise that, hey, we are right for each other and see how we can fit our lives together. But it’s not happened yet.

Also, as I am not out in the workplace the pool of single men I know is quite small. I know some lovely single men but they are either too far away, scared of women, not interested in me, too young or have some stuff to sort out for themselves. I meet great men in day-today life – but they are all partnered up or married.