MY TEN COMMANDMENTS OF FACEBOOK (in no particular order)


This made me laugh, even though there are serious points in there…


  1. don’t ‘add’ just to boost your number of friends. no one cares. really. it’s not a competition.
  2. don’t put mundane posts: i.e.: ‘I yawned 2 times this morning’. it’s dull really.
  3. don’t post attention seeking cryptic comments: i.e. ‘I hate this’; just say what’s wrong and how people can help you
  4. don’t flood people with posts at once. it’s annoying. use buffer.
  5. don’t post under the influence. enough said.
  6. don’t insult, demean and gossip. it’s selfish, hurtful, cheap, nasty. and cowardly.
  7. don’t ‘unfriend’ people secretly. have the ‘guts’ to tell them and tell them why.
  8. don’t stalk or spy on people. that’s just creepy.
  9. be funny, smart and hope-filled (3 for the price of 1)
  10. don’t send invitations for games. ever.

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