Make-Up and the Christian Woman


Cosmetics (Photo credit: My Sight, as You See.)


I write this as someone who is not a natural beauty. Even with make-up I am not conventionally attractive. I have acne scars, am very short-sighted, am not tall, wear my hair short and I’m definitely not a WASP. But makeup has been a real pleasure in my life. Why should I subject onlookers to the worst I have to offer? If you hate the idea of a gloopy face there are tutorials out there to show you how to sport the no-makeup look – that actually requires… makeup!


If you don’t know where to start but are curious about looking a little more polished then the basics are simple and cost little:


Foundation, if you need it. If you have pretty skin anyway a tinted moisturiser may suffice.


Lipstick. Nude shades suit most people. And lightly-glossed lips always look good. 


Mascara/eyeliner. Emphasise the windows to your soul! 


Eyeshadow . Optional. Smooth concealer over the whole eyelid and a smudge of brown eyeshadow.Suits most colourings. Watch videos online to learn how.


Get a good hair cut. Long locks are lush but only if they suit your face-shape and stature. I have never successfully grown mine, sadly. I stick to short styles but there’s short/mannish and short/feminine.


Clothes. Keep well-covered up if you prefer to but choose inviting fabrics: soft wool, soft leather boots with long skirts or jeans, a bit of colour in the neck area either through jewellery or a scarf.


I know some people will hate what I am saying and see it as anti-feminist or the clear signs of an inauthentic person but I have seen fantastic women who have not married, not even dated much yet longed to, for whom that man never did step forward. I don’t know why he never did but I suspect that they weren’t giving out the ‘approach me’ signals that men kind of need to make that scary first step!


When you look and feel good people will be drawn to you and want to get to know you. It’s true.