Stand and Deliver – Spiritual Gifts

Acting for Film & Television: Movement

Acting for Film & Television: Movement (Photo credit: vancouverfilmschool)

Enjoyed a sermon about spiritual gifts this evening.

The pastor asked for volunteers to read from 1 Corinthians 12. An American guy and I volunteered. The church was packed out. Many quake at the thought of public speaking or performance – but it doesn’t bother me at all!  

Is it ‘cos I am fifty shades of egomaniac?

I’ve decided it’s cos I really don’t give a flying monkey what people think of me on this score. I was the one teachers asked to deliver Biblical readings at school, I did amateur dramatics for many years, sang in the school choir and, later, was always first up on that beckoning dance floor. This wasn’t vanity; it is easy for me to do that sort of thing. It’s part of the Only Child syndrome. If you don’t make yourself do stuff as an Only you disappear. You don’t make friends. You go nowhere. You simply don’t live.

However, ask me to do anything that requires much stamina… Not good. Host a kids’ birthday party? Unlikely. Stand and serve teas to a congregation of 300? Nope. Travel to Uganda to help deliver a Christian project? My heart says yes but my wretched health says no. This does not stop me from envying those who can do these things. I envy a lot.

BUT…you’ve just got to go with the gifts, spiritual or otherwise, that God’s given you. And as the pastor says, you can always ask (pray) for more!