Sitting With the Silence

English: A bored person

A bored person (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This month’s Boots magazine is all about ‘me-time’, a phrase that I find cloying. The chronically ill person tends to have more me-time than the average person – or at least, that’s how it would seem to be.  Perhaps I should reframe how I see that and celebrate the fact that I have opportunities to listen to beautiful music or take the longer way home when driving, or to contemplate life, spirituality etc. Frankly, I would rather have full, normal health, be juggling roles and have too much to do. 

However, what I am trying to do these days is ‘sit’ with the times when I feel bored or lonely or sad and wait for them to pass rather than blanking them out with hyperactivity, which is what I did as a young person and one of the reasons I became ill in the first place, I reckon.

Choosing to do something positive like email a friend or light the wood-burner is better for me in the long run than forcing myself to go out to an event, like I nearly did tonight, when I am already tired, had a poor night’s sleep and have stuff to do tomorrow.

Just sitting it out!



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