Tears on My Pillow

English: Lodalen, a valley in Stryn municipali...

 Lodalen, Norway. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Had a bit of a melt down at Life Group last night. I should not have gone as I was too ill but I thought I might perk up once I got there. I didn’t.

Fortunately it was an easy session, mainly listening to two young people talk about their various Godly missions and then prayer. At the end I asked them to pray for my long-term illness. I just burst into tears.

I can not see what use I am to anyone, to society or myself, by being ill. I’ve tried tons of treatments. Some have helped a little but none have helped a lot. There are two new drugs that seem to be helping for sufferers in the US (low dose naltrexone) and in Norway (Rituximab) but experience with them for my condition is not extensive as yet.

Praying for a miracle.