Holidays in the Sun

English: A burning barbecue used in a summer c...

English: A burning barbecue used in a summer cottage. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We were encouraged this Summer to either take a break or devote our Life Group time to ‘other activities’. We chose to carry on, missing just two session. We had a:

  1. BBQ.  This was a great night, out on the decking, complete with chiminea.
  2. presentation and question and answer session with one of our members who does missionary work in Peru. Loved this. I don’t get to go many exotic places – well, none, actually – which meant that this gave me a brilliant insight into other lives.
  3. quiz night. We lost by one point to the boys.
  4. group meeting in another venue, complete with before and after photos of a house renovation.
  5. meal out at a pub in one of the local villages. 

I think the activities did invigorate us and bond us. Hope that is the case. Now it is back to ‘term time’.