Staring at the Rude Boys


No Life Group for two weeks. I decided to conduct an experiment. I went to my first punk gig for about a year!


I was out for only a short time and the night reminded me of the good and the bad of this lifestyle: fast-paced, vibrant, sexy, lots of hugging from ‘the old muckers’, as we say in the UK. etc. The bad? Some shallow people, some people who drink too much. People who are using the going out scene to run from their problems.


But it was okay. I could see why it is addictive and I met up with a man we’ll call Mark, cos that’s his name, and his girlfriend, who I had not met before. She was really nice and it was good to reconnect with them. Will I return to the gig scene? Maybe in a small way.


My church people are worthwhile and solid, good people who nourish me. They are authentic people. But I also know that I should not devote all my time and social life to the church. It might be too limiting for me in the long run. As a single person who intends to stay that way for some time it is important to have a rounded life and not deny other parts of who I am.


Siouxsie Sioux at the Edinburgh Tiffany's, 1980

Siouxsie Sioux at the Edinburgh Tiffany’s, 1980 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)





3 thoughts on “Staring at the Rude Boys

  1. I have several reactions to your blog today. As I myself have eclectic interests, I understand your fear of being limited. At the same time, part of being of a disciple of Jesus is being disciplined so that we may be authentic ourselves, that we may function in our appropriate role as members of his body, the church. Romans 12 and 1 Corinthians 12 both make the point that just as members of a physical body (fingers, toes, neck, etc.) cannot just walk away and say that they do not need other parts of the body, so members of the body of Christ need one another. The church needs you, your authenticity, and your reminding others that that church cannot simply stare inward but must have interaction with the world while maintaining its identity as a collection of motley, yet committed and changed, followers of Jesus. So be true and authentic yourself, but meditate on Luke 9:57-62 and what it may mean for you.

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