Pizza, Pasta, Erm… Pastors


I may not write about my developing faith much here. This is not because I am shallow nitwit material but

An illustration of John the Baptist preaching ...

An illustration of John the Baptist preaching about the Kingdom of Heaven, from the 1875 Young People’s Illustrated Bible History (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

it still feels private to me.

My ‘journey’ life is divided into two parts: the spiritual part and the church part, and it is mostly the latter I write about here.

Now I have been involved with My Church for some time I am fascinated by the interpersonal shenanigans.

I am watching the pastors! Who lives what he preaches? Who’s ‘in’? Who’s ‘out’. Yup, sad to say, the world of My Church is a microcosm of our wider world.

I suspect there is a Pastor 3 Fan Club going on. Am I in this fan club? I love his sermons, approach, wise words and so on. But I don’t kid myself that I know the man. Preaching is a performance and it’s easy to use the stage to connect with many but be alone/separate and self-protective afterwards, just as many rock stars and actors are…  Does Pastor 3 practise what he preaches? I don’t know. I DO feel very protective of Pastor 3 though. If someone teases him or is snide (men can be cruel) I feel annoyed. There was this new guy in church today, good looking, young, and he was making a few snide remarks. I felt like decking the dropkick! Why turn up if you’re just going to bitch throughout the service?

I have known Pastor 2 the longest. He is thoroughly nice bloke, sincere, humble. Just lovely.

Pastor 1, it turns out, has a reputation for being something of a mystery! He has worked at national and international level – a high flyer. A friendis a huge fan of his. She says he has transformed our church, made it more inclusive and that we would not have the divorce group if he had not come along. I think he must have seen and heard some harrowing things over the years so I suspect he does have enormous strength.

I’ll continue to observe.

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