Avoid the Emotionally Unavailable Person

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Man or woman. Potential beau or friend. The EUP is a waste of your time, energy and resources. This is the best advice I can give you ‘cos it will save you a whole heap of heartache if you can walk away from such a person. I’ve met a few since I have been separated.

Not sure if you are dealing with a EUP? Do they talk the talk but can’t walk the walk? Do they imply that you have a future together but it never quite happens? Do they indulge in Future Speak, saying that you will do certain things together, or implying that you will become a greater part of their life… but it never happens? That’s a EUP.

Google sites like Baggage Reclaim. Read He’s Scared, She’s Scared by Stephen Carter, Julia Sokol. All will become clear.

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