Time to Study and Reflect After Divorce Group Day in the Country

Divorce Ring

Divorce Ring (Photo credit: Jewellery Monthly)

Going to try and calm it down somewhat on the blogging (can I do that? I am a blogging addict!) I  should stop writing and start reading a whole lot more!

Also, I am suffering from a bit of a relapse with my long term illness after going to a divorce group day in a different county. I knew I would be tired after it but I forgot how badly doing bigger trips – especially driving – affects me, and even more so after my major surgery earlier this year. Felt very sorry for myself today, especially as the other divorce attendees all seem to have so much energy but ‘thems the breaks.’

The Divorce Day was great though. Lots of us, all in this gorgeous countryside. The amount of food on offer was staggering and all they asked was for a donation towards sending the young people to Soul Survivor. (Big Christian youth camping weekend in the UK).

We did some self-awareness exercises and then we had a choice of meditation, jewellery making or manicures! I did the meditation.

Lovely to see my divorce ladies – and, at lunch, some of the men too.

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