Making Yourself Heard | Research


Research as preparation for public speaking, preaching, by one of the pastors at My Church.



I often get asked for help or feedback about preaching, teaching and general public speaking. In the next few posts I will pass on some of the things that are useful for me. Obviously they will reflect my particular field of communication – but I am sure that some skills are transferable.

Let’s start with the research that is needed prior to the delivery.

 Prayer is your first step in preparation. That way you acknowledge your dependence and humble submission to serve Him and His people. Ask God for guidance/clarity with regards to your message. He might guide you through a passage, an idea or sometimes just speak on what you are passionate about or what you have been asked to.

 Read the passage(s) at least 10 times in different versions of the Bible (see Read slowly and carefully, underlining or circling words that catch your attention…

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