Utterly Puerile Verdict

Austin - South River City: More Home Slice - N...

Austin – South River City: More Home Slice – Notorious B.I.G. (Photo credit: wallyg)

I have seen a turnaround in my music listening over recent months. I was giving Notorious B.I.G. a spin the other day (yeah, I know… at my age…) and I thought, ‘This is utterly puerile!’ I do like the laid-back sounds but the lyrics are nasty – but not even in an Eminem uber-Gothic way. Misogynistic.

I think one’s ‘walk’ does affect how you listen/see things – in a good, refreshed and renewed way.

Am not giving up my R Kelly though! Thing with Kelz is that his lyrics have a lot of humour  – and that gospel singing background and his religious upbringing make him a more complex artist. Plus the man is a modern day crooner, big time. I find listening to his music so relaxing. Reviews of his book Soulacoaster say R Kelz comes across as a bit of a jerk. But a jerk with humour is more acceptable to me!

See Mark Anthony Neal for more on R Kelly. 

Having lots of Delirious? moments this week.

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