Sensual Celibacy

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Currently reading Sensual Celibacy by Donna Marie Williams. She writes so clearly and with real compassion and understanding. She is a Christian but not connected to any church. She is inclusive and, I feel, non-judgmental in how she talks about sex. I love this book.

The book is actually a program to follow but I was doing all the things she recommends anyway – and for the same reasons. Read it to see what they are! You’ll be surprised.

I only made a definite vow to remain celibate (until certain key elements are in place) quite recently even though I have been so for some time.

God is a bit of a joker, though, cos since I made that commitment I have received more attention from men (not church men, outside of it). He likes to test us. It’s great to enjoy attention but to know that I’ll just walk away with a mysterious smile – and my self-respect in tact!

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